Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games – you either love them or hate them. Some people dread the baby shower for the games alone, not wanting to participate and admit their lack of baby knowledge. Others look at baby shower games as mindless amusement. Others take the opportunity to embarrass or frighten the mom-to-be with horrible stories of labor and the physiological responses she will soon be exposed to by her newborn baby.

A typical baby shower starts with a few shower games. Most baby shower games are meant to entertain and educate. Shower games can entertain with baby themed word scrambles and bingo. Shower games also familiarize the mom-to-be with the more obscure baby items she will use in the near future.

Games are also a great ice-breaker when guests don't know each other and they get everyone involved in the expectant mom's excitement during the shower. Many baby shower games can also start a litany of advice and tales of breaking water, 24 hour labors, and forceps!

The joy of baby shower games is that they involve everyone and encourage laughter and sharing. Some shower games can bring a rush of memories back to an unsuspecting mom who will then have to share the story or anecdote with the mom-to-be. The memories, experiences, and bits of advice that are shared during shower games are priceless. The mom-to-be will most likely draw on this knowledge in the future as she encounters the same twists and turns of motherhood.

A typical baby shower includes 2-3 shower games. If you have chosen a baby shower theme, you can choose shower games that complement the theme. There are probably more baby shower games to choose from than you realize. If you are eager to incorporate a few games into your baby shower or you just want to test your guests' knowledge of all things baby, pick a classic baby shower game. You can also create a unique game of your own that highlights something about your mom-to-be and her family.

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