Baby Shower Gifts

The baby shower celebrates the anticipated arrival of the newest member of the family. The baby shower is also a way to help the expectant parents prepare for their baby, through the giving of a baby shower gift. You want to find the perfect baby shower gift, but you want it to be unique and useful.

Baby gift registries are becoming more popular and offer baby shower gift selections that are hand-picked by the new parents. Most expectant moms forget to create a baby gift registry or they don't know to create a registry. If the parents don't have a gift registry or if you really want to choose something on your own, the fun begins!

When shopping for a baby shower gift, keep in mind whether the mom-to-be already has children. If this is her first baby, it may be most helpful to bring practical gifts that the new mom will need, such as diapers, receiving blankets, sleepers, baby toiletries. A year's subscription to a parenting magazine will give her practical information and tips to cope with every day problems.

A laundry basket filled with teething rings, bibs, thermometer, newborn diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, breast pads, lanolin cream, pacifiers, rattles, bottles, wash cloths, bath toys, and childproofing gadget is a comprehensive and useful gift. A new mom rarely gets time to shower and dress, so a clear vinyl shower curtain, bath supplies, and a bouncy seat for the baby would be an original and a most welcome baby shower gift!

If the expectant mom has other children, she may have most of what she needs. A little bit of pampering or the luxuries she didn't indulge in the first time around will be appreciated. A gift certificate for a spa, arranging to have meals delivered each week for the next 6 weeks, or arranging a diaper service for the next 3 months would help take some of her load off. A simple internet search or a flip through your local yellow pages will give you names of eco-friendly cloth diaper services across North America. They pick up the old and deliver the new, like a quiet and unobtrusive dirty diaper fairy.

If you want to know what the mom-to-be really needs, check her baby registry, ask her family, her partner, even ask the mom-to-be. Never be afraid to ask what the mom-to-be really needs; she will appreciate your willingness to give her something truly useful. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong baby shower gift. Most new mothers don't really mind duplicate gifts, as long as you tuck the gift receipt in the box.

If you want to give the mom-to-be a big ticket item, such as a stroller, a baby swing, or an activity gym, you might consider purchasing a larger gift with a group of friends. This allows you to give a more expensive item while sharing the cost. A nice group gift idea is to arrange for house cleaning services for the next 6-12 weeks so the new mom can focus on her baby, not on dust.

Baby shower gifts range from the traditional to modern. The sterling silver rattle, cup, or cutlery set, or a piece of gold jewelry are classic traditional gift ideas. The video baby monitor, microwavable bottle sterilizer and the electric breast pump are updated gift ideas. A new gift idea that is on the rise is a user-friendly and easy to update website that the new parents can use to keep friends and family posted on the baby's development.

If you are crafty, a hand made baby shower gift is extra special because many people don't have the time to make gifts anymore. A quilt embroidered with the baby's name and birth date or a hand-knitted baby blanket, sweater, booties, or hat would be very welcome and will likely be treasured for years to come.

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