Baby Shower Invitations

The baby shower invitation is your first point of contact with your invited guests. Your baby shower invitation reflects the mood and style of the baby shower. It also provides your guests with the first hint of what is to come. There is an incredible selection of baby shower invitations available, from the too-cute-for-words to the invite that screams hip and sassy mama. If you have any creative DIY tendencies, you can create a baby shower invitation that clearly represents the mom-to-be and her personality.

You want your baby shower invitation to be expressive and original. You also want your invitation to clearly state all pertinent information your guests will want to know before the day of the baby shower, including:

  • Mom-to-be's full name
  • Hostess's name(s)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location address, map, and phone number, if different from the RSVP number
  • RSVP name and number
  • Date to RSVP by
  • Dress, if casual or formal
  • Baby registry, if the mom-to-be has set up a baby registry
  • Theme of shower or gifts
  • Any special item you may want the guests to bring for the mom-to-be
  • If the shower is a surprise, clearly state the shower is a surprise; indicate when the guests should arrive and when the mom-to-be is expected to arrive.

You should aim to mail the baby shower invitations at least 3 weeks before the baby shower. This will ensure the invitations have enough time to make it to their destination and the invited guests have ample notice to book the day. You can invite guests via email or a phone call, but a written invitation is still the preferred method. Written invitations provide a concrete, visual reminder of the day that can be posted to the refrigerator door or a bulletin board.

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