Baby Shower Theme Ideas

If you want to incorporate a baby shower theme into your baby shower, pick a classic shower theme from our list, or if the mood strikes, create a theme all your own!

Diaper Shower – A classic shower theme and one that can fill the expectant mom's nursery with a 2 month supply of diapers! Send a rectangular invitation wrapped in a cloth or paper diaper, secured with a diaper pin. Request a package of diapers for the mom-to-be as an admission fee to the baby shower. Offer a draw for a gift basket for each guest that participates. Have the guests diaper a doll and give a prize to the fastest diaper change in the room!

Sweet Little Pumpkin – Perfect for a fall baby! Send invitations illustrated with babies dressed as pumpkins inviting all to celebrate the arrival of a sweet little pumpkin! Serve warm cider, candy corn, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin tarts. Decorate with fall colors using small pie pumpkins as centerpieces. Play the taste test game where your guests sample a variety of unidentified baby foods and guess what they just ate.

Time of Day – Create an invitation that looks like a clock and set the time on the clock. Make sure the time you set on the clock is different for each guest. The guest must bring a gift that mom or baby would use at that time of the day. If you set the time to 12:30 pm lunch time, a themed gift would be a breastfeeding pillow, bottles, or a food-mill to make baby food for an older baby.

Nursery Rhymes – Another classic baby shower theme. Send invitations beginning "Hush a bye baby…" or depicting a favorite nursery rhyme. Decorate with stars, little piggies, and cows jumping over the moon. Serve a cake decorated with the letter B for baby and me, plates of gingerbread men, or marzipan pumpkins. Play the Name That Nursery Rhyme game.

Story Time – Send bookmarks as shower invitations. Ask each guest to incorporate a favorite book from their childhood into their shower gift. Serve tea and cucumber sandwiches, with cupcakes or tarts. Give each guest a list of classic children's books with a list of the authors' names and have them match the book to the author. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

Pamper Mom – Perfect for moms who already have everything they need for a baby— especially if this is not their first baby. Guests can bring gift certificates for babysitting, dinner, house cleaning services, facials, or massages. Guests can also create their own gift baskets filled with items meant to relax and pamper the mom-to-be. Create an in-house spa by hiring a massage therapist or manicurist to come to your house for the afternoon for mini-spa treatments. Serve plates of fresh fruit and crisp breads with sparkling water, then lean back and relax.

Online Shower – Just because your mom-to-be lives far away from her friends and family, doesn't mean you can't throw her a baby shower. There are many online baby shower services that host baby showers over the internet just like those conference meetings you attend at the office. Most online baby showers offer a message board, photo album, shower games, live chat, and webcam video so the mom-to-be can see and hear everything that is happening. If you coordinate carefully, guests can mail their gifts to her ahead of time and then watch the mom-to-be open her gifts over the webcam!

Baby Safety – A newer baby shower theme that focuses on child-proofing the expectant parents' house. Guests bring items the new parents can use to child-proof their house and play games that educate on child safety issues. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has created a baby safety shower how-to kit for those interested in throwing a safety themed baby shower. You can check the CPSC website for more information.

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