Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower theme can help to pull together the look and feel of the baby shower. It can help set a general tone for the shower. Baby shower themes can also affect your choice of invitations, decorations, food, drink, and even the shower gifts that guests bring for the mom-to-be. If your mom-to-be is having more than one shower, a baby shower theme can help to focus gifts on a specific area of baby items that she still needs. You can also choose a theme that will ensure she is given some pampering pre- and post-baby.

If your mom-to-be is fairly laid back, or planning a themed party with coordinating baby shower games is not your style, you have options! You can host an informal get together that encourages good food and good talk. Many friends and family have very little time to just get together, share food, and catch up. An informal baby shower gives your guests time to just talk, relax, and enjoy each other's company.

If you want to include men in the festivities, you can plan a co-ed baby shower for the mom- and dad-to-be. Many dads are excluded from all the pre-baby festivities and they are just as excited as the expectant mom! Many dads are more hands-on in child-rearing activities than they have ever been and still feel like the forgotten parent.

If you want to include the dad and male friends and family in your baby shower, keep the shower informal. Choose a theme that engages couples to keep the conversation and the fun rolling. Most men, no matter how excited, are not interested in girly shower games. They will not sit through an hour of oohing over sleepers and rattles. A diaper shower or baby safety shower is more up their alley.

If you are eager to throw a themed baby shower or you just want to make sure the expectant parents are as prepared as they can be for their baby's arrival, you can pick from a list of classic baby shower themes. You can also create a unique baby shower theme of your own. All it takes is a little imagination!

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