Baby Showers

During a woman's pregnancy, the expectant mothers' closest friends and family come together for an afternoon of stories, laughter, and games all meant to encourage, frighten, and embarrass the mom-to-be! All fun and fear aside, the baby shower is meant to prepare the expectant mother for the day her baby arrives.

Baby showers are typically thrown 1-2 months before the expectant mom's due date. Guests shower the mom-to-be with gifts to help supply her with the necessities of motherhood. The baby shower provides the mom with a good supply of baby clothes, bottles, toiletries, diapers, toys, and any other items she might need so the transition to motherhood is as easy as possible. Throwing the shower earlier rather than later gives the mom-to-be enough time to wash the clothes and blankets she received as gifts and organize her nursery before the baby arrives.

Baby showers may have a theme to set the tone for the shower. Themes also affect the types of gifts the guests will give to the expectant mother. If the shower host has a theme in mind, they announce the theme in the shower invitations so the guests know beforehand and can participate.

A baby shower usually starts with a few shower games meant to entertain and educate. Shower games can familiarize the mom-to-be with the more obscure baby items she will use in the near future. Shower games can also entertain with baby themed word scrambles and bingo. Shower games get everyone involved in the expectant mom's excitement and encourage a litany of advice and tales of epidurals and 24 hour labors!

A baby shower typically includes food and drink during and after the mom-to-be opens her shower gifts.

At the end of the afternoon, the mom-to-be is overwhelmed and horrified by the generosity in gifts and stories from those she loves. She is usually left wondering how she will get all this stuff home, where she will put it, and whether she is sure she really wants to do this! As every expectant mom discovers, friends will help, the nesting instinct will take care of all organizational difficulties, and motherhood will be even more amazing than the memories of her baby shower.

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