Birth Announcements

Once your baby arrives, you will want to shout it to the rooftops—after the exhaustion subsides of course. Birth announcements allow you to spread word of your baby's arrival without losing your voice.

Birth announcements are an easy way to announce the particulars of your baby's birth. Once the news of contractions is made public, your friends and family are eagerly awaiting to hear who, when, where, and size.

There are a variety of ways to announce the birth of your baby. The most popular methods are placing a birth announcement in your local newspaper or sending cards announcing the birth.

Most newspapers have an announcements or celebrations page that runs weekly, if not daily. The price to place a birth announcement in a newspaper varies greatly ranging anywhere from free to $100. Most are billed by line, with extra charges for online coverage, headings, and pictures. Most newspapers require copy and pictures to be submitted four days before the print date.

Announcing your baby's birth by mail is a popular choice. Card announcements offer more choice and creativity than newspaper ads. Your birth announcement can be as simple as purchasing a set of birth announcement cards from your local paper store or as complex as designing and printing your own. You can even order your cards online: send the supplier a list of addresses, and they mail your birth announcements directly once they have your birth stats. It is always a good idea to choose and order your birth announcements one month before your due date. This allows enough time for your order to be printed and gives you enough time to address and stamp envelopes.

Birth announcements usually include both parents' names, the baby's name, the birth date, time, and place, the weight and length of your baby, and the names of any siblings if you have other children. Some include the grandparents' names, the names of your doctor, midwife, or nurses, and any special thanks you want to extend. You can include a portrait of your baby in your birth announcement. A picture can help to fend off unwanted guests during those early weeks when everyone wants to get a look at your baby.

Birth announcements should be mailed immediately after the birth of your baby. New parents are busy, but announcements should arrive no later than six months after the birth—that may be pushing it for some. Remember, you do not have to write a message or sign your birth announcements. The announcement and a picture are all that is necessary—you are busy and those on your mailing list will understand.

You want to send birth announcements, but you also want to keep it low-key. Consider using an online service to send your announcements directly. This is as easy and low maintenance as it gets! If you want to address and mail your birth announcements, you can start early to avoid forgetting once your baby arrives.

  • Compile and organize the names and addresses of friends and family two months before your due date.
  • Choose the card and wording of your birth announcement one month before your due date. Submitting your order early will ensure there is ample time for printing and delivery. If you want samples prior to confirming your order, be sure to order samples a few weeks earlier.
  • Order the envelopes at the same time as your birth announcements. Make sure the envelopes are shipped immediately so you can address them two to three weeks before your due date.
  • Purchase enough stamps from the post office to stamp your envelopes when addressing them.
  • Order extra birth announcements cards, envelopes, and stamps, just in case.
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