There is very little you need beyond baby and breast when you decide to breastfeed. This checklist points out those items that can make breastfeeding a little more comfortable and give you a break.

  1. Comfy chair or glider rocker with low arms
  2. Nursing pillow
  3. Breast pump
  4. Lanolin cream
  5. 5-7 pairs of cloth breast pads or 1 package of disposable breast pads
  6. 2-3 nursing bras
  7. 2-3 nursing tops
  8. Nursing blanket
  9. Breast milk storage bags
  10. Breast milk storage bottles
  11. Bottle brush
  12. Breast shells
  13. 4-6 bibs
  14. 4-6 burp pads
  15. Breastfeeding books
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