Celebration Cigars

Quite often, dads are left out of the pre-baby and new baby celebrations. The one true ritual for new dads was the celebration cigar they gave to friends, family, and strangers alike at the news of their baby's birth. Once upon a time, dads may have handed out a cheap cigar to celebrate the birth of their new baby. Cheroots and cheap cigars wrapped in a blue band for boys or a pink band for girls were once considered the norm as a new baby announcement. The time worn tradition of handing out cigars is one baby ritual that many dads have adapted in our smoke-free world.

Many dads nowadays would be at a loss with a real cigar and send it off packing with the garbage. Luckily, in our world of smoking awareness, dads who want to continue the celebration cigar tradition can celebrate without the smoke.

New baby celebration cigars are still available in tobacco form, but you can also find them in bubble gum and chocolate. Bubble gum cigars forgo the colored band; instead, the gum is colored to reflect the sex of your baby. Dads can happily hand out bright blue or pink cigars and happily chew them on the maternity floor.

If bubble gum is not a favorite, chocolate should satisfy all. Chocolate celebration cigars are available at most retail chocolate stores. Chocolate cigars are usually wrapped in foil and still use the blue band for boys and pink band for girls. Premium chocolate celebration cigars are wrapped in a tobacco leaf printed foil so your cigar still looks like the type your dad would have eagerly bit into and lit up.

If you can't find a local retailer for chocolate or bubble gum cigars, you can order them online. Chocolate cigars are usually available in boxes of 12 or 24. Bubble gum cigars are typically available in boxes of 36. If you are ordering chocolate cigars in the summer, you will want to find an online store that ships the cigars with reusable cooling gel packs to prevent your celebration from turning into a melted chocolate mess.

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