Christening Gown

The christening gown is a delicate and most cherished artifact from your and your baby’s life: your baby’s christening, baptism or blessing. Christening gowns are family treasures, many passed down through the generations. Parents who choose new christening gowns often do so with the greatest of care. You want a beautiful, well made gown—one that will last for generations.

White is the most popular color chosen for christening gowns. White symbolizes innocence, purity, and holiness; all the qualities most parents and godparents feel their baby possesses. Many of the christening gifts your baby receives will also likely be white. You do not have to choose white for the gown, no matter how common. Many parents just as easily choose cream or a light peach. You can choose any color depending on what you want to symbolize for your baby.

There are a variety of styles available in christening gowns. Depending on your taste, you can choose a formal gown, a casual gown, or a cute gown or suit. Formal christening gowns are often made of fine fabrics such as silk, satin, and organza. Formal gowns tend to be quite long, very detailed with fine lace and embroidery, and delicate. Your child’s godparents may even choose to buy the gown as a christening gift.

Casual christening gowns appeal to parents who prefer simple, yet elegant attire. Casual gowns are usually made of a mix of satin, organza, or tulle, shorter than formal gowns with simple smocking and detailing. Cute christening gowns or suits are usually simple cotton or satin dresses or suits. Casual gowns and suits are similar to everyday baby clothes: simple detailing, smocking or pin-tucks, and they are usually quite short.

Your climate will play a part in choosing your baby’s christening gown. You don’t want your baby sweating in heavy satin if you live in a hot, sunny climate. Lighter fabrics such as silk or cotton work well for christenings or baptisms held during the summer or in hot climates. Gowns should be short sleeved and the skirt should be light and airy to allow air to circulate around your baby

If you live in a cooler climate, a gown made of heavy satin is well suited. If your christening or blessing ceremony is on a terribly cold day, a christening blanket, bonnet, and shoes are accessories you must not forget.

If you cannot bring your baby with you when you are choosing a christening gown, you must bring your baby's measurements to ensure the gown fits correctly. All you need are your baby's chest and crotch measurements to ensure a proper fit.

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