Clothes for Mom

Pregnancy and new motherhood is filled many changes—emotionaland physical. Psychologically, the transition to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, and becoming a new mom is exciting and filled with awe and worry. Physical changes can be easier to deal with for most, but the changes your body goes through are unexpected and just as awe inspiring and intimidating. Coping with your changing body does take some psychological adjustment, but clothing your changing body is another story.

You will go through a variety of clothing adjustments as your belly grows during pregnancy. Some women enjoy shopping for fashionable clothing for their expanding waistlines; others put it off for as long as possible fearing the lack of choice in maternity wear and clothes for nursing mothers. If you’re feeling the fatigue of pregnancy, maternity catalogs are a great place to shop. Most women are familiar with the frumpy clothes of yesteryear, not the hip and fashionable clothes available in the maternity and nursing stores today. Instead of fearing the increase in size, take to shopping for your changing body just as you would for any other occasion. The choices in maternity clothing and nursing clothing are not what they used to be.

Aside from the outer wear, as a pregnant or nursing woman, you have to navigate the aisles of underclothes as well. Luckily, there is a wider variety of maternity bras and underwear than there has ever been. You can easily find supportive maternity bras in soft materials such as cotton and satin. Most maternity bras don't look much different from your regular bra. The only difference you'll notice is the increase in size. Most maternity catalogs have great selection for bras and underwear.

Nursing bras are just as fashionable and plentiful as maternity bras, if not more so. Nursing bras are available in cotton, silk, satin, with or without lace, in a variety of patterns and colors. You can easily find a nursing bra that looks and feels as comfortable as your usual bra. Most nursing bras are easy to fasten and unfasten — you can usually open and close one in the dark with one hand quite easily.

If you are unsure about sizing for your clothing or bras, talk to the saleswoman. Find a store that specializes in maternity and nursing clothing and bras and ask them to fit you.

You want to make sure you are comfortable now, more than ever before, and you need the proper support to ensure your breasts are not restricted as they grow and fill up with milk. Ill fitting bras can lead to a variety of breast infections and pain, all unnecessary.

You may feel a little self-conscious about exposing your changing body to a professional fitter, but you will be happy you did. The comfort of properly fitted clothing and bras throughout the rest of your pregnancy and the upcoming months of breastfeeding will be worth the slight discomfort. Just treat yourself to your favorite dessert; after all, you're eating for two.

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