First Birthday Party

One of the most exciting events for new parents is the first birthday of their child. This is a momentous occasion, one for which many families go all-out. A first birthday party is often attended by close relatives, out-of-town relatives, neighbors and family friends. The child won't remember the party, of course, but for the parents, the first birthday party is a milestone that needs to be celebrated.

Planning a First Birthday Party

There are a lot of decisions involved in planning a first birthday party, no matter what the family's budget is. A good plan is to do an Internet search for "first birthday party ideas," as this will give people several options for themes, cakes, decorations and other party necessities. Once you have found some good birthday party ideas and you have chosen one to pursue, you can start making decisions about everything you need.

There are several first birthday party supply websites. It might be wise to purchase your party supplies online because there are often more options available than what you would find in a brick-and-mortar store. Plus, you will be able to match the theme you have chosen.

At the first birthday party supply website, you can also purchase first birthday party favors – little toys or small gifts for the other children attending your party, perhaps, or small keepsakes for the adults. First birthday party invitations to match your theme can also be found.

What Else You Will Need

There are basically two more items you will need for your child's first birthday party:

  • First birthday cake. This is usually the centerpiece of the party. Most parents have these cakes made at bakeries in order to match the party theme they have chosen. Make sure to order the cake well in advance – bakeries typically have a great number of orders, and if you wait until the last minute you may not be able to get the cake that you want.
  • First birthday gift. A first birthday gift is, of course, a personal decision. You need to choose something that will fit your child. Many parents also opt to choose a keepsake or heirloom gift as well – one that can be displayed in the child's room rather than played with – as a memento of the first birthday party.
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