Your layette list outlines every piece of clothing and swaddling clothes your baby will need for those first six weeks. You want your baby clothes to be simple, soft, and easy to put on and take off of your baby. You also don't want to do laundry every other day during those six weeks and this checklist takes that into consideration. When planning a layette, use this checklist to help you decide which items you want in your layette and stick to the quantities- you really don't want to do laundry every second day.

  1. 4-6 side-snap/neck-snap under shirts
  2. 4-6 pullover t-shirts
  3. 4-6 onesize-style undershirts
  4. 4-11 one-piece sleepers or nightgowns
  5. 4 snap-up rompers without feet
  6. 4-6 pairs of stretchy, pull-on pants
  7. 1 bunting/snowsuit (if needed)
  8. 4-7 booties and/or socks
  9. 4-8 bibs
  10. -2 blanket sleepers
  11. 2 sweaters
  12. 1 jacket
  13. 2-4 hats
  14. Homecoming outfit
  15. 4-6 receiving blankets
  16. 1-2 mittens
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