Furnishing and decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting and intimidating parts of preparing for your baby's arrival. Use this checklist to help you organize the essential and optional items you want to have in your nursery.

  1. Crib. Make sure it meets all voluntary and mandatory safety standards by checking for certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
  2. Crib mattress. Purchase the mattress with the crib to ensure a proper fit.
  3. Crib bedding
    • 5 waterproof mattress covers
    • 5 fitted sheets
    • 5 flat sheets
    • 3-4 cotton receiving blankets
    • Cotton quilt or full-size blanket
    • Dust ruffle
  4. Musical mobile
  5. Crib toys
  6. Dresser
  7. Changing table with protective pad.
  8. Diaper pail with deodorizer or Diaper Genie.
  9. Rocking chair or glider rocker
  10. Baby monitor
  11. Toy chest or basket
Optional items include:
  1. Bassinet or cradle
  2. Crib bumper. Bumpers should be removed when your baby is able to stand and cruise the crib rail to prevent your baby form using the bumper as a step.
  3. CD or tape player
  4. Hanging diaper stacker to store your diapers
  5. Wallpaper border in a coordinating pattern
  6. Matching window valance to decorate the nursery window
  7. Pillow
  8. 5 to 10 small clothes hangers
  9. Clothes hamper
  10. Wall shelves or hooks for baby supplies, decorative items, and toys
  11. Small picture frames and photo albums
  12. Wastebasket
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