Nursing Clothes

As a breastfeeding mother, you have a right to stylish nursing clothes that are easy to use and encourage breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere. Breastfeeding in regular clothes require you to unbutton, un-tuck, and lift up your clothing in order to offer your breast to your baby—both inconvenient and awkward. This can be an extremely frustrating 60 seconds with a hungry and crying baby—especially in public. It often exposes more skin than you would like—a deterrent for many new moms when it comes to nursing in public.

Dresses pose an even greater challenge. Most nursing moms refuse to wear dresses because it is impossible to nurse while wearing one. Modern nursing wear is undetectable, comfortable, stylish, and just happens to be made for nursing.

Nursing clothes help make breastfeeding in front of others easy and discreet. Like maternity clothes, nursing clothes are usually replicas of normal ready-to-wear adapted to make nursing simple,with well-disguised openings for nursing. You don't have to lift layers of clothing and carefully hold clothes or blankets in place. The openings in new nursing wear are incorporated into the clothing, meaning no obvious nursing flaps or gaping holes.

Most nursing clothes incorporate openings discreetly in to seams or the design of the top or dress. Most nursing tops have an outer layer that you push aside to offer your breast to your baby. Some tops offer breast support so you don't have to wear a nursing bra underneath. The loose outer layer covers you completely while you nurse. Other nursing tops incorporate the opening into a vertical seam which creates a form-fitting shape to your top or dress. You simply push aside the seam to reveal an opening and nurse.

Nursing clothes that incorporate the breastfeeding opening into the design of the clothing are most commonly found in wrap-style tops and dresses and twin sets. Wrap-style dresses and tops are slightly shirred at the front so the fabric bunches together as it twists around your body. Wrap tops made for nursing disguise an opening in the shirred fabric—move aside the excess fabric for easy access to nursing openings on either side. Cardigan twin sets are a popular item for nursing mothers because the opening is disguised in the top and the cardigan covers you while you nurse.

Nursing clothes make it simple to breastfeed wherever you are, whenever your baby is hungry. Newer designs let you keep your sense of style while providing a hidden opening to discreetly latch your baby on whether you are in a crowded restaurant, on an airplane, or at the mall.

If you can't find that cute little black dress in your local maternity or nursing clothes store, look online and order it directly. Every little thing that can simplify life with your baby and keep you happy and feeling good is worth the extra expense.

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