Playtime with your baby is an exciting and magical way to spend an afternoon. Your baby explores the world through their senses, so you'll want to offer toys that encourage your baby to look, hear, and touch. When your baby begins to sit up, grab objects, and develop muscle control, toys that react and respond to your baby's movement will become favorite playthings.

This checklist is divided into four categories to help you plan your playtime for your baby's first 24 months. There are many toys that will stimulate, encourage development, and keep your baby's interest, use our checklist to create a playtime full of enjoyment for both you and your baby.

Toys for Newborns - 0-3 months
  1. Mobile
  2. Baby-safe mirror
  3. Musical toys
  4. Play gym or play mat
  5. Sensory toys with contrasting colors and textures
  6. Rattle
Toys for Infants - 4-8 months
  1. Teether
  2. Stuffed animal
  3. Soft book
  4. Board books
  5. Activity center
  6. Rocking toys
  7. Exersaucer
  8. Baby bouncer
  9. Balls
  10. Wooden spoon and pot
  11. Top
  12. Stacking toys
Toys for Babies - 9-18 months
  1. Push toy
  2. Shape sorter
  3. Blocks
  4. Toy telephone
  5. Toy cars
  6. Train set
  7. Jack-in-the-box
  8. Ride-on toys
  9. Push- and pull-toys
  10. Tents and tunnels
  11. Blocks
  12. Simple building sets
  13. Bath toys
Toys for Toddlers 19-24 months
  1. Sand and water table
  2. Kitchen set
  3. Tool bench
  4. Toy vacuum
  5. Broom and dust pan set
  6. Bucket and shovel
  7. Tea set
  8. Velcro, pull-apart food
  9. Magnets
  10. Dress-up clothes
  11. Musical instruments
  12. Puzzles
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