Printable Checklists

When planning for your baby and planning trips with your baby, you have a lot to think about. There are so many little items, accessories, articles of clothing, baby supplies, and baby equipment that you use on a daily basis. Somehow you need to keep track of it all, know what you want, know what you need, and know what you have. If traveling with baby, you need to bring it all with you!

It's impossible to keep track of your baby gear and essentials without lists. Although a simple search in any search engine will display a variety of similar lists, they all offer differing advice on what and how many. As if you weren't already confused! There are many helpful products out there that you may not even know about. A good checklist will introduce you to those items. There may be items you use regularly, but didn't realize how helpful they would be when sitting down to breastfeed or when traveling long distance by car. A helpful checklist will point out all those items as well.

As with any checklist, use a checklist for guidance. Everyone has their own opinion about how many sleepers you will need, or how many cloth diapers you should keep in the nursery. The truth is, only you know what you will need or want and how many of each you will find helpful. This knowledge comes with time and a few difficult situations when you find yourself without something when you need it most. Refer to this list of checklists to guide you on your way to planning, but always use your own judgment. If you don't mind doing laundry everyday, you may find you get along with only 6 full-piece sleepers with feet. If you only want to do laundry once a week, you may need 20. These checklists are meant as a guide. The quantities given are meant to make your life as easy as possible, especially in those early weeks. Print them out as many times as you want and use them regularly. Happy planning and happy shopping!

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