Safety is your first priority from the very first day you bring your newborn baby home. Childproofing your home is serious business- getting down on all fours is always the best way to start the process. To keep your baby out of all those cupboards and drawers and dangerous places, there are a variety of childproofing gadgets you can install and use to keep your baby safe. When you are ready to begin the childproofing process, use this simple checklist to help you keep your baby safe.

  1. Safety gate
  2. Choking hazard gauge
  3. Outlet covers
  4. Cord wind-ups
  5. Corner and edge guards
  6. Window guards
  7. Anti-scald devices for the tub faucets
  8. Tub temperature gauge
  9. Toilet lid lock
  10. Stove door lock
  11. Door/cabinet/appliance safety locks
  12. Fireplace guard
  13. Furniture safety straps
  14. Doorknob covers
  15. Door stops
  16. Rail guard
  17. Stove guards
  18. Bed Rails
  19. Window guards or safety netting
  20. Smoke detetors
  21. Carbon Monoxide detector
  22. Baby Monitor
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