Baby Blankets

Mothers-to-be typically have friends or family members (or even co-workers) who will throw baby showers for them. Before the showers, the expectant mothers are typically asked to register for gifts somewhere – so that people will know what the new mother needs. However, many people will ignore the gift registration list and instead choose to give baby blankets. Certainly, newborn babies do need blankets – and a lot of them – but sometimes mothers-to-be end up with far too many.

The Best Baby Blanket

There isn't, of course, one specific "best" baby blanket. The blanket that a new mother prefers (and that the newborn baby prefers) is a matter of opinion. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Crochet baby blankets. Many new mothers love crochet baby blankets because they can remind the mother of the person who made the blanket (if it's a homemade crochet baby blanket, that is). You can purchase many lovely crochet baby blankets in stores or online.
  • Personalized baby blankets. These blankets can become keepsakes or heirlooms. New mothers often love the idea of a personalized baby blanket for their newborn.
  • Cashmere baby blankets. What woman doesn't love cashmere? Likewise, what baby wouldn't be comforted by lying in a cashmere baby blanket? Mothers-to-be are nearly always excited when someone gives them a cashmere baby blanket.
  • Knitted baby blankets. Like the crochet blankets mentioned above, knitted blankets are well-liked because of the time a person took in making them. It's considered a great kindness when a person chooses to spend her own time knitting baby blankets for someone else – and it's always appreciated by mothers-to-be.

There are other types of baby blankets, of course. Everyday blankets – ones that are sold in packs of two or three and are typically made of cotton – are quite useful. These are the ones mothers grab whenever they need a blanket to throw over their shoulder before burping their baby, or as extra blankets for warmth in the car seat.

New mothers also use a great number of baby blankets as baby bedding. Knowing that babies spit-up rather frequently and that diapers overflow, having extra blankets for baby bedding is advantageous. Though it may seem that the mom-to-be has received oodles of blankets at the baby shower, as it turns out, she will find a use for every one of them.

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