Canopy Cribs

Canopy baby cribs are popular with parents who want to create a fairytale fantasy for their baby. Canopies have been a coveted bed feature for many little girls for their ability to invoke the make-believe world of princesses and castles. Parents who want to create a nursery of wonder and whimsy find themselves attracted to canopy cribs as they really do become the centerpiece of a nursery.

Canopy cribs, available in rectangular or round shape, offer all the same features of a standard crib: a solid hardwood frame with a non-toxic finish, a 2, 3, or 4 position mattress support height adjustment, rolling casters with or without locking brakes, a non-toxic plastic teething rail, metal hardware and springs, and a limited manufacturer warranty.

Canopy cribs are equipped with posts on the four corners of the crib which hold a metal canopy frame kit designed to hold a fabric canopy. Rectangular canopy cribs are designed to hold a standard size fabric canopy. If you have a round canopy crib you will need to find a specialty cover.

Canopy covers are most often sold as a coordinating piece to match a full canopy crib bedding set. If you want a cover that you can leave on the canopy frame which will match a variety of crib bedding sets, you can use a simple white eyelet canopy cover.

Using a simple white cover, or another color that matches your nursery theme, allows you to change the crib bedding regularly without worrying about changing the canopy cover as well. It is always wise to remove the canopy cover bi-weekly for a good wash because they do gather dust and dirt which may irritate your baby.

Some parents find them to be more than a little annoying and difficult to remove and replace for washing. Other parents can't resist the magical quality of a canopy and will suffer through every frustration for that perfect nursery. If you want the dream without the difficulty, make sure the canopy frame is easy to remove and replace. You will also want to make sure your canopy crib uses a standard canopy frame that will fit any standard cover, so it will be easy to find new covers when you need them.

A popular canopy crib is the Angel Line Continental Canopy Crib. The Continental canopy crib is a classic turned spindle design, made of solid hardwood with a non-toxic finish, 4 position mattress support height adjustments, metal hardware and springs, teething rail, and large casters with locks. The canopy frame will accommodate any standard canopy cover. The canopy frame is removable, so if you don't want your bouncing baby boy sleeping in a canopied crib, you can remove the canopy and still have a simple, yet classic crib.
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