Changing Pad Covers

Changing pad covers are a changing table accessory that you can use to make your baby comfortable. They provide an absorbent, soft, and cushioned place for your baby's bottom during those frequent diaper changes.

If you are using a vinyl changing pad, you may not want to put your baby down directly on the vinyl. Vinyl can be cold, stiff and uncomfortable. It can also crack over time or from exposure to extremes in temperature and scratch your baby. Changing pad covers provide a soft surface not sensitive to changes in temperature. They also help keep your changing pad clean and sanitary by protecting it from any unexpected leakage.

Changing pad covers are available in terrycloth or cotton, in a variety of colors and patterns. Both terrycloth and cotton covers can be machine washed and dried. Many parents prefer terrycloth covers as they offer the most absorbency and cushioning. You will be washing your covers frequently, especially if you use them daily. Terrycloth covers wash well, adding to their longevity.

Most changing pad covers have elasticized edges to fit snugly against your changing pad. The elasticized edges prevent your cover from becoming loose or slipping off at the corners.

Many covers do not have openings for the changing pad safety straps to be pulled through and secured around your baby. Understandably, this makes many parents uncomfortable. Most safety straps are long enough to pull up and around the cover to secure your baby.

If the safety straps on your changing pad are not long enough and you cannot find changing pad covers equipped with safety strap openings, you can modify your changing pad cover. Cut and stitch two small openings in the center of your cover to pull the safety straps through the cover.

As an alternative to the changing pad cover, you can place a folded receiving blanket underneath your baby to protect your baby's skin from the cold vinyl, which won't interfere with the safety straps.

I didn't want my daughter lying on cold vinyl while I changed her diaper, so I bought a Terry Changing Pad Cover. It is a simple terry cloth cover that fits snugly over most standard contoured changing pads. It was soft and plush, it helped to keep her body warm, and offered a bit of extra cushioning. The terry cloth absorbs any excess that may drip from a full diaper, and it absorbs those surprise pees that happen as soon as you take off the old diaper. The terry cloth covers will shrink, so tumble dry on low and always have a few spares.
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