Changing Table Safety

Changing tables provide a convenient and comfortable surface to change your baby's diapers, but they are not without their safety considerations.

The following guidelines will help you to choose a safe changing table, but will also remind you to use it safely.
  • A changing table should be sturdy and should not wobble if it is to provide a safe and convenient place for you to change your baby's diaper. Check the weight limitations on your changing table. Most changing tables should only be used for babies 30 lbs or less.
  • Choose a change table with high safety rails on all sides to prevent your baby from rolling off the change table.
  • Always use the safety straps to secure your baby and keep one hand on your baby, no matter what you are doing. It only takes a moment for you to look away to find that diaper rash cream and your baby can be plummeting to the floor. Most injuries associated with changing tables occur when children fall off the table. Always use your safety straps!
  • It is always a good idea to make sure you have everything you need to change your baby's diaper within reach before you start. Keeping everything fully stocked and close by will help you to keep your focus on your baby. Remember, just because you are using the safety straps, it does not mean that you can leave your child unattended to run to the closet to grab that full box of baby wipes.

Many parents find they can get away with buying a changing pad and placing it on top of a dresser they already own. Diapers and baby wipes can be stowed away in the top dresser drawer or on a high shelf. If you want to go the dresser-and-changing-pad route, make sure your dresser is at a comfortable height and buy a thick changing pad with a safety strap. If you cannot anchor the changing pad to the dresser, you will have to be extra careful to make sure both your baby and the changing pad don't slide off the dresser.

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