Changing Tables

A newborn's diaper needs to be changed 10-12 times a day. Typically, you will be changing diapers for about two and a half years, or until your child is toilet trained. You can use a bed to change your baby's diaper, but the frequent bending could really strain your back. A changing table is set at waist height, reducing the need to bend or strain.

Changing tables are typically made of a solid hardwood in a variety of finishes and styles. Most changing tables are designed to coordinate with various crib designs and finishes. This lets you coordinate your entire nursery, making the selection of a changing table quite easy.

Standard features on a changing table include:
  • high safety rails to prevent your baby from rolling off the table during diaper changes
  • a nylon safety strap to ensure your baby is safely strapped in
  • a one inch waterproof changing pad to provide a soft, comfortable area for your baby to lie on during a diaper change
  • a metal support bracket underneath the changing area for additional support
  • shelves or drawers underneath the changing area to store all your diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, receiving blankets, and other essentials that you need close at hand.

Most changing tables include the changing pad. Changing pad covers will have to be purchased separately.

If your nursery is small or you prefer furniture that can grow with your baby, there is a variety of changing table and dresser combinations. These multi-functional changing tables complete your nursery without requiring the space needed to have both a changing table and a dresser. Once you no longer need to use the changing table, you can continue to use the dresser.

You can also find change tables that convert to storage cupboards, toy shelves with baskets, and full size armoires with a fold-down changing table/desk top.

If you prefer a true space-saver changing table, you can use a wall-mounted changing station like those found in restaurant bathrooms. Crib mounted changing stations are also available. These mount across the width of your crib and then hang safely on one side rail when not in use.

The changing table is one of those accessory nursery items that I am grateful to own every time I use it! It was not a chore to change my daughter's diapers: she was at my waist height, I had everything I needed, and we could take our time and play. Our change table is similar to the South Shore Andover 3580-330 Changing Table and is still an indispensable part of our daughter's room. It has easy access compartments to store all your diapering essentials and two drawers to store supplies, blankets, mattress covers, and crib bedding. Once your baby outgrows their diapers, you can continue to use the table to store the bed linens or use it to store toys. I love this changing table!
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