Convertible Cribs

Convertible baby cribs are a popular choice with many parents as they offer the most longevity. Convertible baby cribs convert into a toddler bed once your baby has grown out of the crib. Some even convert into a double bed once your toddler has grown out of the toddler bed.

Convertible cribs offer all the same features of a standard crib and are available in a variety of styles. The sleigh bed style is one of the most popular styles of convertible cribs. Its design already looks like a shortened version of a full-sized bed, so the final bed you end up with does not still look like the crib.

These cribs offer more bang for your buck, but some experts say consider buying one only if you don't plan on having another baby any time soon. If you are planning on having more than one child, you will need a crib for your second or third baby. This means you may never get the chance to convert the crib into the toddler bed.

Some convertible cribs only come with the parts you need to create the crib itself. Most new convertible beds include an all-wood Conversion Safety Rail that easily replaces the stationary side rail to convert the crib to a toddler bed or a daybed. Since the look of the toddler bed is quite similar to the crib, some parents have found it's easier for toddlers to make the transition to a "big girl" or "big boy" bed. Easing this transition makes the purchase of a convertible well worth the price!

Items such as bed rails, stabilizing rails, or support rails for converting to a double bed are not typically included in the original purchase of a convertible crib. Some convertible crib manufacturers have a full size rail kit available as a separate item. Other manufacturers leave you on your own to find a stand-alone rail kit. Some parents do not mind the extra purchase. Most convertible cribs are designed with a full headboard and footboard. The additional purchase of full-sized bed rails is a minor expense that is still much cheaper than having to purchase a brand new bedroom set.

One of the most popular mid-priced convertible cribs is the Da Vinci Emily Convertible Crib. The Emily convertible crib is a contemporary flat slat design, made of solid wood with a non-toxic finish, stationary side set at waist level, 4 position mattress support height adjustments, metal hardware and springs, and a full-size daybed conversion rail. A full size rail kit to convert the crib to a full-sized bed is available separately and worth the purchase. It is very quick to assemble, sturdy, and easy to use. If you really want to entertain your baby with a mobile, this may not be the crib for you – the width of the upper rail is too large for most mobiles. My daughter rarely paid attention to her mobile, so don't let that deter you from picking this fabulous convertible crib.
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