Corner Cribs

Corner baby cribs are a patented specialty crib new to the market and the ultimate in space-saving furniture! This unique design lets you set the crib in the corner of a room so your little one can see everything, all the time. They are truly a unique show-stopper in the world of nursery furniture.

Corner cribs are available in a variety of wood finishes and styles including round spindles and flat slats. For those who can't resist the finishing touches, they are also available with a five-poster canopy.

These specialty cribs tuck into the corner of just about any room allowing you to use more wall space for other nursery items than a standard rectangular crib. Each side of the crib extends 40 inches from the wall and the curved front of the crib measures 60 inches. The corner crib and canopy together are 74 inches high. The corner crib will accommodate your baby until they are around 2 years old; the average length of time a baby uses a standard rectangular crib.

These cribs are fine as long as they meet all current safety standards and offer the same features found in a standard crib. A key feature of the corner crib was the single front panel that drops when you want to put your baby in the crib or take your baby out. However, today's safety standards prohibit drop sides, so opt for a new crib with a stationary side.

Corner cribs are ideal for apartments or small nurseries where optimizing space is a necessity. They are also ideal for multiple babies as they can be used in various configurations around the nursery: tucked into corners, placed side by side in a semi-circle, or arranged in a circle in the center of the room. Twins or triplets can have their own space, yet still be side-by-side, nurturing the innate connection common with multiples.

Corner cribs require a special pie-shaped mattress and crib bedding which is sold separately directly from the manufacturer or specialty retailers. The slow rise in popularity of the corner crib is prompting more retailers to stock bedding sets for the pie-shaped mattress, making it easier for parents to find a variety of bedding for both boys and girls.

The most popular corner crib is the Baby Trilogy Spindled Corner Crib. Finally, a baby furniture company that thinks outside the box! The Baby Trilogy corner crib is a one-of-a-kind crib made of hardwood with a non-toxic finish and a canopy. It is the perfect space-saver for small living spaces – it can be squeezed into almost any space. They arrive 90% assembled in the box making them easy to setup. There are very few places that sell sheets for a corner mattress. You can buy sheet sets directly from the manufacturer, but watch out, they are expensive.
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