Diaper Genies

A Diaper Genie is one of those nursery accessories that people either love or hate. Some will tell you how they couldn't live without it and others will say it was a waste of money. Some are just plain confused and don't know how to use it. Diaper Genies offer a compact and convenient way to keep your nursery smell-free, but they are far from user-friendly.

The Diaper Genie is a tan or white canister approximately 18" high. It has a child-proof, flip-up cover, a removable lid, and a cutter. To use it, you drop a plastic liner cartridge onto the top of the pail. Then, pull a section of baggie out of the cartridge, tie it into a knot, and push it down into the opening of the pail.

To discard a used diaper, place the diaper into the opening and push it down past the rubber seal. Replace the lid and give it a twist 2-4 times, then close the cover. The twisting motion twists the baggie around the diaper and isolates the diaper in its own individual portion of the bag. The bag falls into the bottom of the pail. This creates a string of diapers that look like one long link of sausage.

When the Diaper Genie is full, you push an extra length of baggie into the opening and twist the cutter insert clockwise to cut the length of baggy off of the cartridge. Pull the baggie up, tie it in a knot, and push it past the rubber seal. Turn the Diaper Genie over, open the bottom, remove the string of diapers, and throw them in the trash.

To start a new string of diapers, grab a section of the baggie out of the cartridge, tie it into a knot, and push it down into the opening of the pail.

The Diaper Genie is meant to be an odor- and germ-free disposal system which seals your smelly diapers into a scented plastic liner. When you lift the lid of the Diaper Genie there is almost no smelly diaper odor, only the scent of the plastic liners. Unlike normal diaper pails, there is never a strong diaper odor in the nursery.

As with any plastic diaper pail, Diaper Genies must be cleaned at least once a month. The plastic casing of the Diaper Genie can absorb the nasty odors over time and can become extremely smelly! It is always a good idea to give the inside of the Diaper Genie a good wash with soap and bleach at least once a month.

If you buy an older Diaper Genie, look at the refills carefully in the store before you bring them home. The older models have a narrow mouth where the refill cartridge sits. Newer models have a wider mouth and the narrow mouth refills will not fit. You do not want to find this out when you have a full and nasty diaper in hand! The wide-mouthed refills have pink trim; the older narrow-mouthed refills have blue trim. The refill packaging is labeled appropriately; just make sure you know what you need before you shop.

Some parents find the cost prohibitive, but the Diaper Genie is more than the usual diaper pail. If you are on a tight budget and don't mind bringing smelly garbage bags outside regularly, you may not want to dish out the cash for the Diaper Genie and on-going refill purchases. If you really want the convenience and odor control, you can often find Diaper Genies in children's resale stores at a much better price.

I loved the Diaper Genie. A friend gave us the older wide-mouth model and I never had a problem with stinky diapers in the nursery. Since it was second hand, it didn't come with instructions. I didn't understand how to use it until another friend dropped by and explained it to me, but ever since that day it has been a good friend. It is not user-intuitive, but once you know how to use it, it is easy to use, easy to refill, and it does a good job of containing the smell. Some would say it is not a nursery accessory, but I loved mine!
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