Diaper Pails

Most people want a simple, convenient, and odor-less method of disposing dirty diapers. Simple garbage cans don't have the proper seal to prevent the constant leak of stink into a room. Diaper pails are made with smell control in mind.

Many diaper pails use standard kitchen bags. Kitchen bags are easy to find and are available in scented and non-scented varieties. Some diaper pails use a liner system, similar to the Diaper Genie.

Most diaper pails are simple drop and go pails for disposable diapers. Some offer a touch-free foot pedal. You just step on the pedal to open the lid, drop the diaper in, and away you go.

More advanced diaper pails offer a flip-handle. You place the used diaper into the hole on the top of the weighted lid and move the handle from one side to the other side. This flips the lid and the diaper, dropping the diaper into the garbage bag.

Other diaper pails use a spring loaded trap door. After you throw the diaper in the pail and close the lid, the diaper slides through the trap door and into the garbage bag below. Both offer an effective way to control the smell of dirty diapers.

Most diaper pails offer multiple seals to keep odor in the pail. A seal around the lid sucks the lid into place so odor can't escape. Some have a second seal just above the garbage bag receptacle as well, offering a second layer of protection. When you open the pail, you aren't hit in the face by the scent of fermenting diapers.

You want a good sized diaper pail so you don't have to empty it every day. Most diaper pails store at least 24 diapers which will last about two days. Larger pails will last up to 3 or 4 days.

If you are using cloth diapers, you will need a diaper pail specifically for cloth diapers. Many parents still use the flip-top diaper pail, half full of water to give cloth diapers time to soak before washing. If you want to use the wet pail method, make sure the lid on your diaper pail has a lock or clasp. This will prevent your baby or toddler from opening the pail and spilling the contents all over the nursery floor or falling in. Never use an open diaper pail.

If you want to use the dry pail method, you will need a diaper pail liner, preferably a waterproof fabric with a draw string top. You use the liner bag to store the cloth diapers until wash day or until the diaper service drops by and switches the old for the new. It is handy to have two liner bags, and then you always have one in the diaper pail and one freshly laundered.

A good, all purpose diaper pail would have to be the Diaper Champ. It uses simple kitchen garbage bags – no costly refills. It is also versatile – the Diaper Champ can be used for both cloth and disposable diapers. Use the normal kitchen garbage bags for disposable diapers or a washable, cloth diaper pail liner for cloth diapers. If you switch the type of diapers you use during your baby's first year, you don't have to switch your diaper pail. The Diaper Champ does contain the smell rather well, although you may want to change the bag every three days to avoid the smell of cumulative dirty diapers. It can be a little tough to remove the lid when you need to change the bag. Just take it easy when pulling off the lid to avoid any unsavory spills.
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