A dresser, or chest of drawers, is a staple piece of nursery furniture. Dressers store your baby's layette, sweaters, and coordinated outfits. Dressers can also store nursery essentials such as baby wipes and receiving blankets. You want your dresser to last, so buying a good quality dresser now will save you years down the road.

Dressers are typically made of a solid hardwood or mixed wood and wood veneer. Dressers are available in a variety of finishes and styles that you can coordinate with various crib designs and finishes to complete the look of your entire nursery. You can also use that antique dresser you inherited from your grandparents and it will fit into your nursery just fine. If you already have a sturdy, well made dresser, there really is no need to buy another one.

Dressers typically house 3, 4, or 5 drawers. Make sure your drawers come with a metal glide system with stoppers for easy and smooth movement when opening or closing the drawers. The stoppers prevent the drawer from completely pulling out of the dresser and onto your curious toddler.

Inspect the drawers before you buy. The floor of some drawer units is made from a thin, flimsy boxboard-like material. Thin boxboard easily bows and slips out of the groove meant to hold it in place when filled with clothing. Drawers constructed from a harder wood material, with dovetail joints, will last longer and hold up under the weight of all those sleepers.

Some dressers are available as a combination dresser with hutch or changing table with an attached cupboard. Both the hutch and cupboard offer extra storage space for toys, collectibles, outerwear, and shoes.

You can also use a simple dresser as a changing table without the extra expense of a dresser/changing table combo. Just make sure the dresser is close to waist height to prevent straining your back while changing your baby's diaper.

Many baby dressers come assembled and ready to use. Others require specialty tools and some assembly. Follow your assembly instructions carefully. If you are uncomfortable with setting up your dresser, you can arrange to have the retailer deliver and setup your dresser for you. This will cost you an extra $65.00 or more, but the convenience of having an experienced assembly crew build your dresser may be worth it.

I wanted a simple dresser that would grow with my daughter and last well into her youth. The Storkcraft Beatrice 3-Drawer Nursery Dresser was an easy choice. It is easy to find, easy to assemble, made of hardwood, and the drawers are equipped with a metal glide system which makes them very easy to open and close. It is a simple white dresser that will easily coordinate with any furniture my daughter may choose in the future. At such an affordable price, it was easy to choose.
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