Glider Cushions

When you are outfitting your baby's nursery, everyone throws advice at you. Your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors – they all step right up and tell you what you should or shouldn't put in your newborn's room. It can be downright maddening because everyone tells you something different. However, one piece of advice that nearly everyone gives is that you should put some type of rocking chair or glider rocker in the nursery. Follow that advice and purchase a glider rocker.

Why a Glider Rocker?

When comparing a glider rocker to a rocking chair, it is pretty easy to see why one is better than the other. A rocking chair has one function – it rocks. A glider rocker has two functions – it rocks and it glides. You may not think that's big difference now, but when you're doing 3 a.m. feedings every night for four months or more, you'll notice the difference.

Additionally, glider rockers allow you to rock and glide with greater ease and without using your feet on the floor. You will be able to have your feet up on the footstool, which is a much more comfortable position when feeding your newborn.

Glider Rocker Cushions

Your glider rocker should come with glider rocker cushions. These glider cushions should be perfectly adequate as far as comfort goes, but if they don't match your decor or if they become damaged through use, you will need to get glider rocker replacement cushions at some point.

Glider rocker replacement seat cushions are easier to find now than they used to be – several years ago, your only options were to either make your own glider cushions, pay someone else to make glider cushions or purchase another glider rocker. Nowadays, you can search on the Internet and find several sources for glider rocking chair cushions.

You can look on eBay or on other auction sites. You can also find several websites through which you can purchase custom-made glider cushions. Then, of course, there are also several manufacturer websites through which you can purchase any style, color and fabric of glider rocker replacement cushions. Be careful when looking, though – on many websites, glider rocker cushions actually cost more than purchasing another entire chair with cushions!

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