Night Lights

Tending to your baby in the middle of the night in a darkened room is no fun unless you were born a cat. You don't want your 2:00 am diaper change to turn into an early morning greeting because you had to turn on the nursery light. Installing a night light in your nursery can give you the amount of light you need to tend to your baby without fully waking your baby.

A night light can allay your baby's fear of the dark by offering just enough light for them to see the familiar surroundings of their room. They provide an element of safety for parents as well, since it takes a full hour for adults' eyes to completely adjust to the dark.

You can find a variety of baby night lights to coordinate or complement your nursery décor. You can also use a simple, undiscerning light that doesn't compete for attention.

Night lights typically plug into a 2-prong socket in your wall. Some night lights attach directly to the crib. If your nursery has few electrical outlets, you can use a lamp with a night light built into the base. A battery-operated or wind-up night light ensures that you don't have to rely on electricity at all.

Most night lights have a manual switch. You turn the light on at night when you put your baby to bed and you turn the light off in the morning. The auto-sensor night light automatically turns on in the dark and turns off in the light so your baby is never completely in the dark.

Some night lights offer a light show to mesmerize your baby until they fall asleep. These night lights use a revolving light to project small colorful pictures of animals, small figures, and shapes onto the walls and ceiling of the nursery.

Some night lights also play lullabies to help send your baby off to sleep. Some allow you to insert your baby's favorite music on a cassette tape to lull them off to sleep. Many musical night lights are equipped with a timer, so you can set the light and music to automatically turn off after 5 or 10 minutes.

Newer light bulbs for nursery night lights use an energy-efficient, long-lasting, soft glow bulb. Not only do they help to conserve energy, they provide just enough light for you to see your way without stubbing your toe.

There are very few electrical outlets in my daughter's room and all of them are ankle height behind furniture. I didn't want to reach beside the dresser or crawl under the crib, so I chose a lamp with a built-in night light. The Lambs and Ivy Twinkle Twinkle Nursery Lamp with Nightlight was a simple night light that suited the nursery décor. I would turn the lamp on for low lighting when preparing my daughter for a nap, then switch off the lamp and turn on the night light for mid-nap diaper changes. I like the all-in-one feature of this lamp – it sure beats crawling under the crib to turn on a night light.
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