Nursery Accessories

Navigating the world of baby gear can be tricky. There are lists of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and don't waste your money. What's a new mom to do with the array of nursery accessories on offer? A comprehensive checklist of items you need for a nursery is a good start. A good checklist will help you fill your nursery with the must-haves -- the things you must have to get you through the next year or two.

Nursery accessories include all those nice-to-haves that aren't really essential. They will make you more comfortable and secure as a parent and offer comfort to your baby, but most parents get by just fine without using them. Most accessories are items that you will only use for a short amount of time, like a bassinet. A bassinet or cradle can only be used for four to six months. Many parents prefer them to a crib for their newborn because a crib just seems too large.

Other nursery accessories are dependant on your physical location, like a humidifier. A humidifier puts moisture into the air which is ideal if you live in a very dry climate or house. They are also useful when your baby has a cold– the extra moisture can help your baby to breathe easier. Not all parents consider a humidifier a necessity.

If you live in a small house or apartment, you may not have the room for a rocking chair. If you have a comfortable place to sit when feeding your baby, you don't really need one. You don't need a rocking chair to rock your baby to sleep, but they can make it easier. Baby monitors are a fabulous low-tech way to hear your baby at all times, but if you live in an apartment, you may not find one necessary.

When choosing any nursery accessory, you must use your own judgment. Only you know what you need, what you'd like, and what you want. Anything that will help you feel confident and strong in your role as a parent is well worth the investment. Anything that can make your life is easier is well worth the investment. Anything that helps comfort and soothe your baby is worth more than anything else. You don't need any of these nursery accessories and you will do fine without them, but if you have some space or cash to spare, you may find them worthwhile.

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