Nursery Decorating

Decorating your baby's nursery is perhaps the most enjoyable part of planning a nursery. You can really let your imagination run wild with ideas, color palettes, and DIY projects. Many parents like to create a theme for their nursery decor to help pull the look of their baby nursery together into a well-presented whole.

There are countless coordinated nursery themes to choose from that include wallpaper borders, wall decorations, crib bedding, and curtains. If you want something quick and easy, a coordinated nursery theme is the easiest way to go. They provide you with all you need to decorate your nursery, minus the paint.

Common pre-packaged nursery themes include jungle, ocean, celestial, fairy, cowboy, princess, bug or butterfly themes, animal or nature themes, and popular character themes such as Classic Pooh or Disney Princess.

If you want the convenience of a prepackaged theme, think timeless and classic. Prepackaged nursery decor can be expensive. If the theme or pattern is too juvenile, your child may want to redecorate by the time they are four years old or it may end up driving you crazy. Look for simple prepackaged themes that focus on color or subtle patterns that will get you through the next eight years.

If you really want a quintessential baby nursery, but wallpaper and borders are your idea of torture, there are less labor intensive solutions. Choose a paint color and accessorize with wall stickers. Wall stickers are available in a variety of themes, but when you tire of them, you simply peel them off the wall and start anew.

The key to decorating your nursery using a theme is choosing a theme that will grow with your child and one that you will enjoy as well. Face it, you will spend just as much time in the nursery as your baby. If someone recommends a soft yellow as the "in" color for nurseries this year and yellow irritates you, do not paint your nursery yellow. You will find yourself repainting the entire room earlier than you expected. Likewise, the coordinated pink bunnies and flowers bedding set may be your idea of heaven for a little girl, but even little girls can outgrow the most enchanting nursery themes.

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