Nursery Rocking Chairs

Babies are naturally calmed by the rocking motion because it is similar to the sensation they felt in the womb for 9 months. Rocking can immediately calm a fussy baby and help them fall asleep. It is no wonder most people naturally start to rock back and forth on their heels when holding a baby. It is our natural instinct to calm and soothe. Standing on your feet for hours a day rocking an infant would be exhausting however. Luckily, we have the rocking chair.

Nursery rocking chairs are a tried and true nursery staple. They offer a comfortable place to sit with the ability to gently rock your baby when they need to relax. Traditional rocking chairs are solid hardwood with turned spindles, carved seats, and curved skis. The skis create the rocking movement when you gently push against the floor with your feet. If you don't want to sit directly on a hard surface or feel spindles on your back, use a cushion. A cushion tied to the back and seat of the rocking chair can give you a little extra padding.

The most popular rocking chair is the glider rocker. The glider rocker is made of solid hardwood or metal, but is padded and upholstered like a sofa. The unique feature of the glider rocker is the stationary gliding mechanism that provides a smooth horizontal, front to back, gliding movement. The glider rocker is comfortable, often with a high back for added support. Many glider rockers have a locking mechanism to lock the chair in place when you don't want to glide.

Many parents are opting for the glider rocker over the traditional rocking chair because of the smooth, effortless, stationary movement. Glider rockers don't jolt or swing back too far like traditional rocking chairs can, leaving you and your baby nervous and uneasy.

Many traditional rocking chairs are designed to coordinate with various crib designs and finishes so you can coordinate your entire nursery. You can add rocking chair cushions to match your nursery. When you want to move your rocking chair to another room in your house, you can change the cushions to match the décor of the new room. If you prefer the glider rocker, you can buy a glider rocker with natural upholstery that will match any décor.

I really wanted a rocking chair for the nursery, but once I sat in a glider rocker, I knew what I was buying. The Deluxe Glider Rocker Ottoman Combo in natural was neutral enough to match the nursery without breaking my budget. I found the glider rocker to be more comfortable than a traditional rocking chair. It is cushy with extra thick padding and glides smoothly with very little effort. The smooth back and forth movement always soothed my daughter and helped her fall asleep, especially when nursing – I nearly fell asleep in it a few times! If you are looking for a rocking chair, I would definitely recommend the glider rocker.
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