Round Cribs

Round baby cribs are fairly new to the market. They are a great alternative to the commonplace rectangular baby cribs for parents who want something different for their nursery.

Round cribs are available in wood and metal and in a variety of styles, but are more commonly found in wood. Most come with a removable metal canopy frame, so you can have the unique style of a round crib with the magic of a canopy.

These cribs have a 42 inch inside diameter, 46 inch outside diameter, and are 76 inches high. They offer more room inside the crib than a standard rectangular crib measuring 27 inches wide. The 42 inch diameter will accommodate your baby until they are 35 inches tall, usually around 2 and a half years. The extra room can also help prevent your baby's arms and legs from dangling through the spindles while sleeping.

Round cribs offer all the same features of a standard crib, but are considered by some to be safer by design. They do not have sharp edges or corners to endanger your baby and they let you tend to your baby from all sides. The open turned spindle design of most round cribs offer 360 degrees of visibility for you looking in and for your baby looking out.

They also create space by design -- they ask you to place them in the center of the room! This keeps the round crib away from any shelving or dressers that your baby could crawl onto as they become mobile. They also let you maximize the space in your nursery, allowing you to use more wall space than a standard rectangular crib.

If you want the space-saving quality these cribs have to offer, make sure the crib you choose has a support bar crossing under the wooden mattress support for added strength. The surface area of the mattress support is larger than a typical rectangular crib. The support bar offers extra protection and support when your active toddler is moving around the crib.

The cost of a round crib usually includes the crib mattress, making it more affordable than it seems. Most specialty baby product stores carry a good selection of round crib bedding sets as well.

One of the most popular round cribs is the Angel Line Round Baby Crib. The Angel Line Round crib is made of hardwood with a non-toxic finish, single drop side, 2 position mattress support height adjustments, and includes a 5 inch foam mattress. The Angel Line round crib is beautiful and easy to use. It can be tricky finding sheets for a round mattress in-store, but they are widely available online, so buy a few sets.
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