Nursery Decorating Tips and Tricks

Decorating your nursery is just as difficult as decorating your living room. There are so many color palettes, furniture styles, wall decorations and finishing touches. It can be hard to narrow down your choices and choose one or two from the pile. You want your nursery to be functional, stimulating, relaxing, perfect. Luckily, there are many tricks and tips to make your nursery everything you want it to be!

Using a color palette as a theme, rather than a popular character or motif, will give your nursery décor some longevity. Creamy whites, muted taupes, and pale turquoises can keep the room light without diminishing its coziness. Light blues, mint greens, and sandy beiges can give a nursery a tranquil and calm flavor while keeping the room bright. Primrose pinks and rich creams create a warm and cozy atmosphere without becoming daunting. Primary colors, including black and white, are also stimulating for babies and can be used to give the nursery a vibrant atmosphere.

You can cover a surface with a solid color, create a faux finish with multiple colors, or add white wainscoting or hand rails as a textured and functional accent. Choosing a neutral color will allow you to change wall hangings, pictures, and even flooring, to adapt to your child's developing interests. Keeping nursery ideas flexible will allow the room to grow with your child without a major redecorating effort.

Nursery wall decoration can include bright posters, vintage flash cards, pressed flowers, family photographs, shelves with blocks spelling your baby's name – the possibilities are endless! A picture or postcard that inspires you can provide the basis for a nursery theme or color palette. A collection of pictures can be used to develop a theme against an otherwise neutral backdrop. Pegboards and cork can provide functional spaces to hang clothes, laundry bags, and art as your child grows.

It is always best to avoid blinds and draperies with cords in the nursery. Many babies have died from strangulation on window blind cord. If you already have blinds or draperies with cords in your nursery, you can cut them short and out of your baby's reach, tie them back, use a peg to wind the cord around, purchase window cord wind ups, or you can receive free window blind cord safety tassels by calling 1-800-506-4636.

With a little inspiration and a little imagination, a simple pattern can provide the theme for your nursery. Keeping the theme simple and avoiding themes that are elaborate, cartoon-like or trendy will allow your baby's nursery to grow with them. Nursery decoration can create an environment of whimsical fantasy, inspire imaginative storytelling, and provide a haven from the world – these create the foundation of a magical childhood!

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