Toddler Beds

A toddler bed is your child's transition bed when they are too big for a crib and too small for a twin size bed. Many parents are unsure about when they can safely allow their child to graduate from a crib to a toddler bed -- typically, when your child reaches 35 inches in height, usually around 2.5 years. If your child can climb or fall over the sides of your crib, it is time for a toddler bed.

Your child will use the toddler bed from the time they are 2.5 to 5 years of age. The temporary nature of the toddler bed urges some parents to move straight to a twin sized bed with guard rails. They are not necessary, but they do have several features that make them an ideal transition bed for your 2.5 year old.

They are available in metal, plastic, and solid hardwood or mixed wood in a variety of non-toxic finishes and styles. A convertible crib that converts into a toddler bed when your baby outgrows the crib is a popular alternative. Toddler beds that resemble the crib can help ease your child's transition into a new bed by offering the comfort of familiarity. There are even lines of beds molded into the shapes of cars and trains that any little boy would love and be excited to sleep in!

Most beds for toddler are designed to use a standard crib mattress. Once you've chosen your toddler bed or converted your crib, you transfer your existing crib mattress to the bed and continue to use the same crib bedding.

Toddler beds sit closer to the ground, typically only 9" from the floor to the base of the bed, so it is easier for your child to get on and off the bed safely. They usually have built-in or removable guard rails. These protect your child from rolling off the bed which also helps your child adjust to sleeping without the enclosure of a crib.

Most toddler beds are Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified and meet or exceed the requirements of the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), making them a safe alternative to a twin sized bed when your child is still small.

I chose to use a toddler bed for my daughter to ease her transition to sleeping alone in a bigger bed. I chose the Sleigh Toddler bed by DaVinci in white. It is a simple, spindled sleigh bed with safety sides that prevent your toddler from falling out of the bed. It is low to the ground so toddlers can easily climb in and out of the bed alone. It was easy to assemble, is quite sturdy, uses a standard crib mattress, and makes bedtime that much easier.
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