Toys for Baby

Baby toys become more interactive as your baby grows. Your baby's play is becoming much more active around 9-18 months. They can cruise the furniture and crawl instead of rocking on hands and knees or scooting on their bum. Not only does your baby become more active, your baby's hand movements are also becoming more precise. Babies begin to smash blocks together and furiously rattle your key ring every chance they get—and love every minute of it.

Babies also become aware of object permanence and how it works. Your baby may actually begin searching for that rattle they tossed out of reach. Hide-and-seek takes on a whole new meaning. Toys at this stage can help your baby explore those developing senses.

Many babies keep themselves quite entertained with the activity boards that can be attached to a crib rail. Activity boards have parts that move and spin, buttons to press, and toys to pull. These moving parts show your baby first hand the rules of cause and effect and how you can make things happen when you poke or move dials and buttons. Those endless hours of playing contently in the crib not only entertain, they allow your baby to fine tune their motor skills.

Balls are fun for just about any age. Lightweight fabric balls or small plastic balls suit this age group well. Roll one back and forth between the two of you on the floor, or toss it across the room so your baby can toddle after it. Baby toys that move are popular with babies in general. Babies who are crawling or starting to walk love baby toys they can chase around at their own pace.

Wood blocks provide endless entertainment. There are few babies who won't stand by to repeatedly knock down your towers with squeals of delight. Stacking games are popular at this age. Most babies love to fill a container with small toys and dump them out over and over again. If your blocks come in a box or wagon, don't be surprised by the loud crashes and the giggles that follow.

If your baby needs something new, look no farther than your kitchen. A plastic bowl, some measuring cups, and puffed wheat cereal will entertain your baby for as long as it takes to do your dishes. If you're in the mood for a little music, break out the pots and wooden spoons and watch your baby's eyes light up when you don't tell them to stop.

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