Toys for Newborns

Newborns emerge into this world near-sighted. Their vision is quite fuzzy. They can only focus on objects that are within 8 to 14 inches of their eyes. Newborn toys in high-contrast patterns and bright colors captivate newborns because they are easy to see. Newborns are also drawn to the human face and happily stare at brightly colored drawings or photos of faces.

Most newborns prefer toys that move slowly and produce a gentle sound rather than those that are fixed and silent or move too quickly. This may sound limiting, but there are many newborn toys to choose from when looking to entertain your baby.

A mobile hanging above the crib provides boredom relief to your baby's limited view of life. It would be terribly boring to lie in a crib and have nothing to look at but a white ceiling. Mobiles that play music and incorporate high-contrast colors and patterns are popular with newborns.

Music is one of the best ways to soothe and calm your newborn. There are many toys for newborn that attach to the crib and play music automatically or at the press of a button. Your newborn won't be pressing any buttons just yet, but 6 months down the road that toy will still be entertaining.

Most newborns love hand-held toys. The nearsightedness prevents most newborns from seeing anything that you don't move into their line of sight. Even though newborns cannot yet grasp or hold toys, most will swing or bat at the toys they like best.

The unbreakable mirror is a favorite toy for newborns. They find the human face fascinating and will stare into that mirror for hours. Your newborn won't realize they're looking at themselves at this stage, but they will find their reflection fascinating nonetheless. Look for a mirror you can fasten to the side of the crib or a wedge-shaped plush mirror with three sides that you can place on the floor.

Picture books with high-contrast patterns are always big sellers. Soft books with bright colors and chew-friendly corners are perfect for newborns and older babies who just have to bite. Many soft books, like soft toys, squeak or honk when pressed. Any soft, squeaking newborn toy will keep your baby amused for many months to come. The accidental sounds help babies to become aware of what their hands are doing as well.

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