Baby Bike Trailers

Baby bike trailers are your baby's answer to the horse and buggy. Although they are at the whim of the rider and wherever the rider is going to, the baby sitting in the bike trailer sits in the lap of luxury, akin to a prince or princess.

Your baby gets to sit securely buckled all cozy in a metal framed trailer equipped with roll cage. They are kept warm in an enclosed compartment protected from wind, rain, and road debris. They get to sit relaxed and entertained by the world outside and the toys inside while you pedal with all your might to move that trailer and its occupant. If on a long excursion, don't be surprised if your baby falls asleep in the royal coach while you feel the burn. If you love your bike and can't wait to get back on the open road, you will love your baby bike trailer because your baby will most likely love the bike trailer.

Bike trailers hitch onto the back end of a bicycle so you can take your baby along for the ride. A baby bike trailer must be equipped with a harness that securely holds your baby in the seat. A seat belt across the lap will not protect your baby's face from smashing forward into the trailer cover during an abrupt stop. The trailer's tires should be large rubber tires filled with air, similar to bicycle tires.

Although the safest and preferred method of bike travel for babies and toddlers, bicycle trailers offer a bumpy ride. Babies should not be strapped directly into a bike trailer until they are at least 12 months old and able to sit up and support their own neck and head. All babies riding in a bike trailer must wear a bicycle helmet, requiring neck strength. Some parents have strapped their baby in a car seat into the bike trailer, but this is not recommended.

Most trailers have a weight limit up to 100 pounds, easily accommodating two toddlers up to the age of 3 or one child up to the age of 5 or 6. Along with your baby, you are obliged to tote a bag of diapers, toys, and other essentials. As all parents know, babies don't travel light. When choosing a baby bike trailer, check if the trailer has extra space for the "stuff". Some trailers feature a separated storage space with enough room for baby supplies, or even a few bags of groceries. Extra items stored in the trailer with your toddler may pose a safety hazard. A stuffed toy bouncing around in the trailer or a bag of crackers may not be dangerous, but a jostled grocery bag and bounced can of soup can cause injury.

Most baby bike trailers are made in bright, vibrant colors; many have strips of reflective fabric for maximum visibility. Baby bike trailers are conspicuous and easily attract attention – the right kind of attention – warning surrounding traffic to drive with caution. The visibility of your trailer can be increased by adding reflectors, streamers, rear red lights, and other attention-attracting devices and accessories. These accessories are available at any cycling or sports equipment store.

Unlike baby bike seats, a trailer adds stability to a bike. The baby bike trailer is designed for a toddler's safety, and should be used exactly as recommended by the manufacturer.

Ask the following questions when choosing a baby bike trailer:
  • Is my baby protected from the wheels while the bike is in motion?
  • Does the trailer lie close to the ground with a wide wheel base, so the center of gravity is low and stable?
  • Does my baby have protection from debris, insects, gravel and pebbles?
  • Is the hitch rugged and durable?
  • Would my baby be able to get out of the harness on their own?
  • Is storage space separated from the inhabited compartment?
  • Is the trailer brightly colored, reflective, or equipped with rear lights?
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