Double Strollers

Double strollers, and other multiple seated strollers, allow parents to push two or more babies around at the same time. The mere mention of double strollers should indicate their cumbersome nature: heavy, hard to steer, and not very compact. If you find one stroller that can hold two children at once, in essence, you are saving some space even if it does fold up to the size of an end table.

It is rare to find a good double stroller for under $100, with the average price ranging from $200 to $800 and up. The price does increase with the number of seats. Luckily, double strollers and other multiple seated strollers have an excellent resale value, if they are in good shape when you sell them.

There are a variety of styles available when choosing a double stroller. Tandem models seat babies one behind the other. These are common for families with a baby and an older sibling as the back seat reclines to accommodate a newborn. A variation on the tandem stroller replaces the rear seat with a compact jump seat/standing platform. Side-by-side strollers seat babies beside each other, which is nice for twins who want to play and communicate. Tandem-style strollers are usually easier to move around and fold up more compactly.

The average double stroller weighs 25 to35 pounds, making it feel like you are pushing a bus around town. Add the sum weight of the babies in the stroller and the weight placement and it is easy to understand why it can be difficult to maneuver a double stroller. If you are going to be hauling a double stroller in and out of your car on a regular basis, it is a good idea to do the research and find a lighter stroller. It is rare to find a double stroller under 20 pounds, but they are out there. If you buy a stroller that is even a few pounds too heavy for you, you'll probably start to hate the process of using the stroller. You can also run the risk of straining your back.

If you have twins, you will want a high end double stroller that will last through to the walking stage. If you have a newborn and a toddler and you thought a double stroller would be easier, save yourself the hassle. Stick to the standard stroller and get yourself a sling—your toddler will be walking in no time.

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