Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are not just for the hard-core marathon runners. Anyone who likes to take their baby for regular walks through the park can benefit from a jogging stroller. Most jogging strollers are built with durable lightweight steel frames, 3 large air-filled rubber wheels with ultra-smooth suspension, and very secure seating for your baby. Jogging strollers tend to have larger frames, a wider turning radius, and are not designed to collapse easily or quickly.

You should expect to see prices for jogging strollers start around $160 and rise past $600. Some joggers will be more expensive if the manufacturer holds multiple patents on the design of the stroller.

Jogging strollers tend to be a secondary stroller, not a primary stroller. Jogging strollers can be difficult steer in tight spaces due to their wide turning radius. They also take up a lot more space than your standard stroller. There are a few jogging strollers with a smaller swiveling front wheel that improves its maneuverability, but generally speaking, jogging strollers are not well suited for use as your everyday pack-it-up-and-go stroller.

There is no such thing as a jogging stroller that folds down easily and compactly without first removing the wheels. This can make the constant pack and unpack nature of traveling a little difficult. Luckily, most high-end jogging strollers have quick-release wheels that can be removed with a flip of a lever.

The need for a durable frame does keep the jogging stroller quite cumbersome. They can not fold down into a small, compact, fit just about anywhere size. Folding a jogging stroller is usually a two-step process: first remove of the wheels, and then fold the stroller. Keep in mind, removing the wheels can sometimes be a three-step process.

Jogging strollers are not recommended for babies under 6 months old. They are not designed to safely support your baby's body at rapid speed. Most babies are too small for the harness systems on some joggers. The straps adjusted to their shortest length are still too long for newborn babies, causing them to slump forward and shift around in the stroller seat. Once your baby is closer to 8 weeks, walking them in a jogging stroller is fine if the stroller supports their head and they fit snugly in the harness.

Alternately, some parents have had problems with straps that did not adjust to a length that would comfortably accommodate thicker winter clothes. If the straps are too short, the manufacturers should send you strap-extensions free of charge.

Most hard-core jogging strollers do not offer a reclining seat. They are designed with a partially reclined seat to cradle your child while you're running. You can purchase a neck/head support cushion for your baby from most manufacturers as a separate accessory.

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