Standard Strollers

Standard strollers are the largest group of strollers on the market. Considering the full array of luxury features, standard strollers are anything but standard. They often have roomier seats, larger wheels, and extras like built-in music systems and ergonomic handles. These strollers fold using a one-hand mechanism which is a plus for travelers or when it's just you and your baby. They do take up a fair bit of trunk space and are heavy to lift.

The price tag on some can be shocking—starting at $30 and running over $700. The variation in price often indicates the quality, durability, and luxury of a particular standard stroller. You do need to do your research when looking for a stroller to make sure you are getting what you paid for and what you expected.

The prices for some of the more expensive standard strollers can be exaggerated simply because the name backing the stroller commands a higher price. It is possible to find a high-quality standard stroller without the baggage of a designer brand name that will last well past the age where your toddler would rather walk than ride. Many parents use one stroller through to the toddler years. But, for most parents, one stroller rarely fits the bill for that length of time. Many parents start to look for a lighter stroller closer to their baby's first birthday, especially if the tray on the standard stroller is low enough to whack their baby's kneecaps when putting them in or taking them out.

Don't let that scare you into buying a cheaper model from the get-go however. Purchasing a cheaper stroller may not be the most cost-effective decision in the long run. Cheaper standard strollers tend to be made from cheaper components. The greater probability of broken parts may force you into buying another stroller earlier than you had hoped. You can however find lower priced standard strollers that are still good quality. As with anything, it takes a little research and some willingness to stray from the big names.

The wide range of standard strollers available indicates that there is also a wide range of reliability. The best sign of reliability is an extended manufacturer's warranty and good consumer reviews. Check both and stay away from strollers that have frequent recalls.

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