Stroller Bags

Strollers are a necessity for every parent who doesn't want to be trapped in the house. Once your baby is too heavy to carry for hours on end, the baby sling just doesn't cut it and you need a safe, portable seat to strap them into when you are out. The only complaint about strollers is the lack of storage space or accessible storage space. Stroller bags offer an easy to access storage container that can hold just about everything your baby will need during an outing.

Most strollers have a basket under the seat for you to stow away your diaper bag, snacks, and purchases when out shopping. Many are quite small. Some are impossible to get into if the stroller seat is reclined and carrying your sleeping baby. Stroller bags are simple mesh or nylon bags with Velcro straps or clips that fit around the handles of your stroller. Mesh stroller bags usually have an elasticized top to keep your belongings safe and secure. Nylon stroller bags are diaper bags that can hook on to your stroller for easy access instead of being worn on the shoulder.

Most stroller bags attach to your stroller with Velcro straps or clips at all four points to keep the bag close to the stroller and out of your way. Some nylon stroller bags are made with two main straps that are long enough to slip around your shoulders. If the bag is a little too heavy to attach to the stroller, you can wear the bag as a backpack. Most stroller bags are large enough to hold just about everything you will need for your baby and then some. You can keep extra diapers, wipes, jackets, rattles, and toys close at hand with extra room for all those last minute purchases.

The mesh stroller bags usually have one large compartment. You may not be able to organize the items you need, but you can see where they are at all times. Some mesh bags include a soft foam or neoprene holder for two bottles so you can keep a baby bottle and a bottle of water ready and waiting. Nylon bags typically have all the features of a diaper bag: one large compartment, front pockets, and an insulated bottle holder.

Keeping your personal and baby essentials close and making them easily accessible is one of those little challenges that can be overcome with a stroller bag. If you use a handle-mounted stroller bag, you must keep current stroller safety guidelines in mind.

Current safety guidelines do not recommend hanging bags on the handles of a stroller for fear the stroller will tip over backwards. This is especially a concern with lightweight umbrella strollers. The need for accessible storage will always be an issue with strollers—we don't want to push around luxury liners. Keep your stroller bag light and always have a hand on your stroller. You can never be too safe.

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