Stroller Toys

Stroller toys keep your baby occupied and entertained during long excursions away from home. Your baby will be spending a lot of time in the stroller. You want to keep your baby busy so they don't get bored or fussy. Attaching a variety of toys to the stroller when you are out will keep them entertained, occupied, and happy.

Stroller toys attach to the belly bar on most strollers. Most clip-on, tie on, or snap on to the belly bar. Many toys not made specifically to attach to the stroller can be attached through a series of linking rings that clip-on to the belly bar or to the side bar on your stroller.

There are a variety of stroller toys available to entertain and stimulate your baby. Many prompt your baby to squeeze, shake, pull, or bat at them to make noise. Many toys rattle, squeak, honk, flip over, slide from side to side, or swing. Some attach to the strap or bar with a simple Velcro tab so they can be removed for teething or exploring up close. A set of stroller toys that offer your baby differing activities will keep your baby interested, while fostering learning through several developmental stages.

You may want to entertain and educate your baby as much as possible, but it can be quite difficult to play with your baby and push the stroller at the same time. Detachable stroller toys can be arranged on the belly bar to hold your baby's interest and stimulate when you can't be in two places at once. Rearranging the toys provides new developmental challenges as well. Switching rattles or sliding beads to the opposite side of the bar forces your baby to improve their motor skills on the opposite hand. Rearranging stroller toys is also like having a new set of toys each time you put your baby in the stroller.

Most stroller toys can be attached to your baby's car seat, backpack carrier, and shopping carts. The quick release nature of most stroller toys makes them quite movable so your baby always has something to play with while you travel, shop, or go for a walk. Attach a variety of stroller toys to your stroller and keep a couple spare toys in your diaper bag—you never know when you may need them.

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