Travel Systems

Travel systems are the most versatile strollers on the market. Car seat-stroller travel systems include an infant car seat, a car seat base for your car, and a stroller, quite similar to a standard stroller. The infant car seat snaps into the base in your car for driving and snaps into the stroller when out walking or shopping. When your baby outgrows the infant car seat, at around 20 pounds or 26 inches in length, you can continue to use the stroller on its own.

A high-quality travel system may be the only stroller you purchase for your baby. The strollers are the same size and often include the same features as a stand-alone standard stroller. Nearly all travel system strollers are equipped with a belly bar. The infant car seat snaps onto the belly bar and uses the bar as support to keep the car seat upright and stable. When your baby grows out of the infant car seat, a snack/activity tray can be snapped onto the belly bar providing your baby with a place to eat and play. There are also a variety of toys that can be snapped onto the stroller to entertain your baby.

Some parents find the belly bar is too low for older babies. Older babies with long legs may have problems getting in and out of the stroller without banging their knees on the belly bar. This prompts some parents to look for a second, light weight stroller, without a belly bar, close to their baby's first birthday.

The simplicity and savings in buying a single two-in-one unit for those first 4-6 months are especially appealing. If you travel frequently with your baby, a travel system may be perfect for you. The ease of moving your baby from the car to the stroller without waking them is a feature that most parents love.

If you need a space-saving stroller system, a portable car seat stroller frame may be a perfect fit. The stroller frame is an extremely light, compact metal frame that offers the ease of snapping your infant car seat onto the frame, without the bulk or weight of the full travel system.

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